Bạn cần hỗ trợ?


The Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS) is a Vietnamese non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA). The Institute was established on May 27th, 2002 by the Decision 468/TC-LHH of VUSTA.

The Institute鈥檚 governance is comprised of Director Board, research and functional units. Committees, task forces and working groups may also be established for specific purposes and for limited periods.

Director Board The Director board consists of the Director and two deputy directors appointed by the President of VUSTA. The Director Board shall have full power to direct and review the general affairs of the Institute within the limits set forth in the VUSTA鈥檚 Bylaws and the Institute鈥檚 Charter. The Board is also responsible for the overall management of the Institute. The Director chairs the Board and is ultimately responsible for the Institute鈥檚 operation.

The current members of the Board are:
路 Dr. Khuat Thu Hong, Director
路 Dr. Tran Kien, Deputy Director Professional Division.
路 Msc. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Deputy Director Supporting Division.

Supporting Division consists of three functional units; the:
路 Administrative Unit – coordinated by Ms. Khuat Thi Huong Lan.
路 Financial Unit – coordinated by Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Nhan.
路 Communication & Resource Center – coordinated by Mr. Hoang Hai Vuong

Professional Division consists of three units and Internal Review Board; the:
路 Research & Training Unit is under the oversight of Dr. Tran Kien
路 Community Development Unit is overseen by Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh
路 Center of Excellence for Applied Legal Studies and Consultancy is headed by Prof. Vu
Cong Giao.
路 Center for Global Issues (CGI) headed by Prof Nguyen Viet Khoi
路 Institutional Review Board (IRB) chaired by Dr Khuat Thu Hong

Institutional Review Board
The Institutional Review Board in an ad hoc entity which is responsible for reviewing and appraising projects which involves human subjects undertaken by ISDS. The IRB has 7 members of which 2 represent communities. IRB is accredited by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) with number IORG0009854. All members of IRB have undertaken the NIH Web-based training course 鈥淧rotecting Human Research Participants鈥 and obtained certification from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research. Chair and secretary of the IRB are rotated every 4 years. Currently Dr. Khuat Thu Hong is chair and Dr. Tran Kien is IRB secretary.

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