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Advocacy and Information Sharing

To sensitize and inform the public on the issues of gender and sexuality, the Institute closely collaborates with various channels the Vietnam National Television to produce broadcasts on sexuality and sexual health issues that are of the public concerns. These broadcasts have been repeatedly aired nationwide.

The Institute houses the Resource Center on Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Heath that has a large collection of printed materials and multimedia products of these topics. The Center is open to the public, mostly students and academics. The Center also host the seminar series ‘Gender, Sexuality and Society’ with participants coming from academia, LNGOs and INGOs. For international collaboration, the Center links to the Regional Resource Center of TARSHI for organizing the summer institute in Vietnam (2006) and for exchange information between Vietnam and the region.

In April 2009, together with the Consultation of Investment in Health Promotion (CIHP) and the Hanoi Medical University, the Institute successfully host the VII Conference of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society. The title of the 7th IASSCS Conference is “Contested Innocence: Sexual Agency in Public and Private Space. The Conference has attracted 420 delegates coming from many countries over the world. The Conference received very wide national media coverage.

In October 2010, in collaboration with Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population, we have successfully organized the First National Symposium on Sexuality and Sexual Health “Negotiating Sexualities in Moving Spaces”. More than 100 delaegates took part in the Symposium. Many high quality papers were presented in various sessisons during two days of October 28th and 29th.




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